1.Regional sales manager
For requirements:
1 normal * * * above, the best communication major.
2. Good public relations capacity, and can according to the change of situation, and it can provide the corresponding strategy.
3. Has communication industry marketing experience, the public security system sales working experience, and in the industry have a certain customer resources is preferred.
4. Has the keen market insight, the development of this industry have a profound understanding of.

5. A strong market judgment ability and the development ability, a strong market sales experience and market sense of smell.
6. Have engineering degree, had better have communication industry background.
7. Well-behaved, has strong JingYeXin, have strong communication skills.


The network era national communication

Internet expand the news agency be born channel, and promoted the audience's attention, but also enhance the brand image of news value, it reflects the agency itself interests, also is the news agency customer

This paper centers
What is communication
Communication, is using the narration, description, emotion, the discussion and so on many kinds of techniques