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Baccarat Strategy 

Baccarat is associated with wealth and commonly played by members of the upper class. This glamorous casino game is not usually available at low limit tables in live casinos https://place-a-bet.net/. Even though baccarat is a favorite of high rollers, you can find a lot of low limit tables online. If you do not wish to bet a huge sum of money, the best place to play is at an online casino.

Baccarat has some of the best odds of any casino game, with a house edge as low as 1%. Stick with the advice below and you will stand nearly a 50/50 chance of winning at this casino favorite.

Bet the Banker

There are three bets available is Baccarat - Player, Banker and Tie. The Banker is actually an even money bet, which means there is no house advantage. The catch is that the casino takes a 5% commission. Nevertheless, betting on the Banker hand is the best bet you can make in baccarat, and actually one of the best bets available anywhere in the casino.

The Player comes in at a close second and is not a bad bet either. However, if you are strictly trying to give yourself the best chance at winning, stick with the banker. The house edge looks something like this:

Banker: 1.17% House Edge

Player: 1.36% House Edge

Avoid Tie Bets

The third bet in baccarat is the Tie, which has a horrible casino advantage. Commonly referred to as the "sucker bet," Tie bets carry a house edge of a whopping 14.4%. Despite a generous eight-to-one payout, you should avoid Tie bets at all costs.